Due to the current Coronavirus, we have decided to discontinue the platform. You can contact us here for any questions. Love, Supshare.


Supshare is...

Supshare celebrates the diversity of the people living in Amsterdam.  What better way to do this than by discovering all the different flavours of our city’s great chefs?
Try out one of the many signature dishes your neighbourhood has to offer today!

Supshare is a food sharing platform on which you can find and share home-cooked food, made by awesome people from your neighbourhood.
We believe that we can strengthen local communities through a shared love of home-cooked food.

The food on Supshare is made by people with a passion for cooking, it’s made with love in their own kitchen. To enjoy their home-cooked food, you simply go directly to their house to pick it up.

No anonymous chains, but real food, made by real people

How Supshare works


Find food in your neighbourhood


Order your home-cooked food directly, or request a meal from a SupChef


Pick up your food at a SupChef’s home




Become a supchef to...

save or earn money

Offer an extra portion of your meal on Supshare and eat basically for free. Want to make some serious money? Then cook some more, it's all up to you.

practice your cooking skills

Practice makes perfect, but you might not always have enough mouths to feed. Offer any extra meals on Supshare instantly and earn your ingredients costs back.

Start your catering business

Pursue your cooking dreams while earning some extra cash. Supshare provides an easy-to-use platform where you can reach potential customers.

Order from suphare to...

Eat healthy and affordable food

By focusing on non-complex, yet great tasting dishes, we keep the prices low. Supshare provides a healthy and easy alternative to other take-away food.

Discover New cuisines

Food is a big part of people's culture. Therefore, we believe food sharing is a great way to get to know your neighbours better.

Give yourself a break

We all lead busy lives and cooking isn't always the top priority on today's schedule. Why don't you pick up a nice meal on the way home from work, the gym or your long day at the university?

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