Hi 'sup? Nice to meet you!

We are Philip and Garvin and together we are the founders of Supshare.

We are both born and raised in Amsterdam, and we know all about the rich variety of cultures that our city has to offer. We have lived in many different neighbourhoods in the city, with lots of very diverse people, but we were never really able to get to know these people, and their authentic food, as much as we liked. With Supshare we try to change that. We believe that a shared love of great food can connect people from all different backgrounds. This is why we set out to create a platform that enables people to sell their signature dishes to others in their community.

With people’s lifestyles becoming ever more busy, more and more people are having their food delivered to them from anonymous faces by anonymous restaurants. It is becoming hard to stop and realize where your food actually comes from, and who prepared it. On Supshare, we want to have a wide variety of food available, made with love by real people near you. Affordable, non-complex and healthy food, that isn’t sold by a typical food chain.

Supshare is not so much about its founders, or about the facilitating platform, but more about all of you guys, the Supshare members. We aspire to create a community between food-loving people and you are all part of it.

Thank you and enjoy your meal!

Eet smakelijk
Guten Appetit
Bon appetit
Buon appetito
Buen provecho
सुख भोजन

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