• 19 September 2018

Nowadays, every product we need for cooking food at home we find all year round in the supermarket. We can buy strawberries in the winter, squash in the summer and exotic fruit 🍉🍇 all year round. However, this is not a sustainable way of cooking since these products have to travel great distances which is expensive and enlarges our ecological footprint 🌍. In today’s blog Supshare will give you some tips and tricks that at the same time help you save money and minimise your ecological footprint.

Tip 1: Buy seasonal products

A way to save money is by buying ‘seasonal products’. Seasonal products are products that are harvested in a specific season. It is sometimes difficult to figure out which products are ‘in season’ and which are not. Therefore, we added some ‘seasonal products’ calendars 📆 below so you can see which products are available this autumn.


Tip 2: buy food locally

A way to reduce your ecological footprint (and to find seasonal products) is by buying food locally. By doing this you help your local economy and you have the assurance that the transport distance is as short as possible. Even better is to buy products directly from farmers or at farmers markets. This is usually not only cheaper but also super fresh and delicious!


Tip 3: avoid buying exotic products

It is also very important to avoid buying exotic products. Fruit, vegetables and other products that are not cultivated in the Netherlands have to travel great distance. Exotic products have the same disadvantage as products that are not ‘in season’. So products such as pineapple, avocado and coconuts should be eaten in limited quantities to reduce your ecological footprint 🌍.

When more people introduce these tips into their daily life, this will really start to make a difference to cook delicious homemade meals but also take the environment into account. So hopefully you will think of these tips when you are grocery shopping.

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