• 07 October 2018

Everyone experiences it ever so often: you cooked too much food for yourself, kept the leftovers in the fridge and before you know it, it has gone bad. Food waste is a big issue in our society nowadays. Around 41 kilos of food is wasted per person annually. The amount of food waste produced globally each year is more than enough to feed the nearly 1 billion hungry people in the world! That’s why we from Supshare decided to give you 5 tips to reduce your personal food waste 😉


Tip 1: Shop smart and buy exactly what you need.

Plan meals and use a grocery list. Also try to avoid grocery shopping when you are hungry since it will be easier to make impulse purchases and end up with stuff you don’t need or won’t actually consume. Only buy items when you have a plan for using them and don’t buy new things because you have used up the perishables at home. Lastly, don’t buy too much: when a recipe calls for 2 onions, don’t buy a whole bag. This is the same for grains and nuts. Try to measure exactly what you need and don’t over-buy. Bonus: this tip will save you some money too.


Tip 2: Buy funny-looking produce.

A lot of fruit and vegetables are thrown away because of the fact that their size, shape or colors don’t match the preferred way these items should look like. However, these fruits and vegetables are perfectly good to eat and are often cheaper. Buying these items helps to use up food that might otherwise be thrown away. Check out this amazing restaurant that reduces food waste by serving these products.


Tip 3: Have a plan B.

Sometimes it happens that certain items of food for a specific dinner won’t be used because your dinner party got cancelled. It would be waste to toss away the cheese! Instead, come up with a backup recipe and use the same cheese in a different meal!


Tip 4: Designate one dinner each week as a “finish-it” meal.

Instead of cooking a new meal, check your inventory and leftovers in the fridge to create another meal. This saves you a trip to the supermarket and gives you the chance to finish things that might otherwise get overlooked.


Tip 5: Store food properly (in the fridge and freezer).

If you throw away stale crackers/chips/cookies etc., try to store them in airtight containers. This helps to keep them freshlonger. Besides this, learn how and where to store specific products in the fridge. The freezer is also ideal to store extra portions of food you might have as leftovers. Put each portion in separate containers and you only have to take one container out for your dinner.


With these 5  useful tips, it should be a bit easier to reduce the amount of food you personally waste on a daily basis. Hopefully this blog has made you also a little more aware of how we deal with food and you might even come up with some tips of your own.


x Supshare


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