• 29 November 2018

Awesome, you’ve done it! You are now an official SupChef. Now it’s time to start selling your meals to Supshare customers. Here are some of our best practices to help you make the most out of Supshare. With a few simple tips and tricks you will be sold out in no time!


Tip 1: Introduce yourself!

Set up your personal Supshare profile and present yourself to potential customers. Upload a nice photo of yourself, so people can put a face to the meal they’re checking out. Besides this, add some personal facts, why you love cooking and how you came up with some of your favorite dishes. You will appeal more to potential customers when they know more about you!


Tip 2: Show your food the way it deserves to be shown.

If you want to show off your meals, it’s important to use good, clear and of course real photos of your dishes (remember: stock photos are not allowed). The best photos are made with a clean lens and by using natural light. Try to add some of the ingredients you used for the meal to the photo. Also remember to add an accurate and appealing description of your food.


Tip 3: Think about pricing.

We know that your time is valuable. Nonetheless, keep in mind that people will come to your house to pick up the food, so it’s difficult to compete on convenience with food delivery alternatives. Try to think about the costs you’re making in the form of ingredients and your time spent, and use this handy calculator to help set the right price for your meal.


Tip 4: Submit your food to our Menu of the Week

The best way to spread the word about what you’re cooking this week is by submitting your food to the Supshare Menu of the Week. This makes it easier for people to know what’s available and plan their next order. Every Saturday an email is sent to all SupChefs to which you can reply to submit your personal menu of the week. We combine all submissions into a complete Supshare Menu of the Week and publish this to our website and social media.


Tip 5: Change the meals you’re offering from time to time.

Every once in a while you might want to change between different (types of) meals and dishes. For example, think about adding meals that belong to the current season or focus on a new type of cuisine. Offer your customers something that they haven’t tried before, and they will keep coming back!

Supshare is a great way for buyers ánd SupChefs to experiment with new types of food, so try to change things up.


Tip 6: Spread the word about being a Supchef in your own social network.

Start with the people close to you. Your own friends and family already know you’re a great chef, so let them know they can now order your food online! You can share separate dishes directly on social media by using the Facebook share buttons on the actual food pages. This will definitely help the first few times you’ll sell your food. If you have other friends who love to cook, let them know about Supshare too! The more the merrier. 🙂


We hope that these tips helped you in kickstarting yourself as a SupChef. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions left, want to give us feedback or if you just want to say hi! We like to hear from you.

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