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At Supshare, we take food safety extremely serious. We often receive questions about safety. Although the final responsibility is with the SupChefs, we have taken multiple steps to ensure that the food that is sold on Supshare is of the highest possible standards.

First of all, Supshare interviews all potential SupChefs to hear about their cooking experience and about what drives them to cook for Supshare. We assume that people who often cook, are familiar with food safety rules. To help enforce this, we have set up Hygiene Guidelines, which all Supchefs have to agree to. In addition, we try to keep our SupChefs up-to-date on hygiene rules by sending them regular email updates. Finally, our customer review system helps assess each meal on the quality, portion, tastiness and general experience.

When you’re searching for food on Supshare, you see the approximate location of the SupChef. For privacy reasons, we do not show the exact address yet. After you order, we show the SupChef’s exact address. During the order, you can discuss the exact pick up time and location with the SupChef.

Generally, the SupChefs will provide you with their food in takeaway containers, and instructions on how to reheat the food.

Most of the times, you definitely can, and this is even encouraged. Make sure to let your SupChef know if you’re bringing your own container. In case you forget to bring yours, our SupChef will always have another container or bag, so don’t worry if you end up forgetting yours.

The SupChef needs to provide a list of the ingredients used, he or she will be able to provide you with information regarding specific allergies. In addition, you are able to filter the food on common dietary restrictions, such as vegan or vegetarian.

Not at the moment. Supshare offers a platform for you to find or sell food in your own neighbourhood. We hope that you can find something good to eat within walking distance!

Supshare offers easy and safe online payments through our payment processing partner Mollie. It is possible to pay through iDEAL or Paypal.

Is there any other payment method you would like to use? Let us know on [email protected]

for supchefs

You can create an account and start the SupChef application here: Register as a SupChef

We will get in touch with you the same day, and let you know how you can start selling your food as quickly as possible!

After your SupChef application is approved, you can already start selling your food on Supshare. To get the official Supshare verification badge on your profile, we will set an appointment with you, to get to know you a little better. Did you know that Verified SupChefs sell 73% more than unverified SupChefs?

In addition to this, we’ll take professional photos of your food, and you’ll receive our food containers for free!

You have complete control. If you would like to sell something next Friday, then simply select Friday in your profile as a day that you would like to cook. A buyer will always have to confirm your availability with you, before they can order anything.

Although of course, we would love to have as much activity as possible on the platform, there is no regularity expected from you.

How should I price the food?: That’s all up to you. You set a price that you think is fair, based on the costs of ingredients, and the time and effort you have to put in preparing the food. In general, with Supshare we like to focus on more affordable food, so that we can be a more affordable option compared to food delivery services.

You can use this handy tool to help you set the price: Go to the calculator.

When you receive an order, the payment is first transferred to Supshare. This is done for security reasons, in case something goes wrong, or is unexpectedly cancelled.

At the end of every week, on Sunday afternoon, we will add up your orders of the week, and transfer you the money. Depending on your bank, it may take an extra working day before the money is on your account.

It’s very simple, all the profit goes to you. Supshare does not take any commission. Your profit is simply the price of your food, minus the costs of ingredients. Supshare only charges 29 cents to cover the transaction costs for the online payment.

There is no delivery. The buyer will pick up the food directly from you. You will be able to discuss exact pick up time/location/other specific information directly with the seller.

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