how it works - as a buyer

Awesome! You’re interested in buying home-cooked food from your neighbourhood.  Let’s explain the few steps to finding and buying home-cooked food from your neighbours below. 

Start by providing your location

You can submit your location on our homepage or directly on the platform page.

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Pick your favorite meal from the map 

Press any of the “sup” bubbles to view a picture of the meal, or check out the lists of results. You can also filter the results to your liking.

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Order your meal instantly

The food listing page shows all the information about the food such as a description about the meal, the category of diet, allergens, reviews submitted by other buyers and the general pickup area.

If the food listing states that the meal is available now, then you’re able to add it directly to your cart. Press the “add to cart” button to continue to the checkout.


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Request your meal

If the food listing states that the meal is currently unavailable, then you’re able to send the SupChef a private message to request the meal in the near future.

Press the “Send the SupChef a Private Message” button. An example of a request message is prefilled when you press this button. 

The SupChef will now receive an email notification with the information you provided in the private message and will get back to you as soon as possible to make the food listing available to you.

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Provide additional order information and complete the order

New buyers now need to create an account and existing buyers can log in to provide additional information to the SupChef.

Press the “place order” button to pay for your order after filling in all additional information.

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Visit the SupChef to pick up your food

After paying for your order, you will receive all necessary information about the SupChef (his or her name, full address and phone number).

You will also receive an email with the same SupChef information.

We always recommend to contact the SupChef in advance before heading to his or her home, to confirm that your he or she is ready for your visit.

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Handsome man eating pasta at home

Last step: Enjoy your meal!

We put as much effort as possible in providing a smooth experience on the Supshare platform for both the buyers and the SupChefs.

If anything is unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us or send us feedback. We like to hear and learn from you.

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