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Awesome! You have registered as a SupChef. How do you proceed now? This guide explains the process of setting up your SupChef profile and adding food to the platform for others to buy. Please take your time to watch our videos and read the guide and you’ll be sharing your food in no time.

Add a profile photo

When you first log in to your profile, it may seem quite empty. Let’s change that by adding a profile photo so people will know what you look like.

Press the “change profile photo” button.

You are now able to add a photo or take one on the spot with your device’s camera.

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Add a description about yourself 

Now people know what you look like, let’s also tell something about yourself such as where you learned to cook or what kind of food you like to prepare.

Press the “edit” button on your profile. 

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Complete your kitchen/store settings 

The “My Kitchen” section shows an overview of all your active listings and includes all the settings related to your kitchen/store.

This is the information the buyers of your food will receive, so please double check for errors!

Visit the “My Kitchen” section and complete all the fields related to your kitchen. Don’t forget to add your bank account number. This can be done by clicking on the “payment” tab. Please double check the submitted information.

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Add food listings

This is why you joined Supshare: to offer food to other people!

Please complete the previous 3 steps before adding food. Otherwise people will not be able to pick up your food and we as Supshare are unable to transfer you your money.

Please follow these steps to add food listings to your profile:

  1. Press the “Add Food” button. Now give your food a name and add an interesting and creative description including helpful information about your food (e.g. different ingredients or allergens). Try to write a compelling description as this will definitely increase your sales.;

  2. You can select up to three categories to which your can add food: Full Meals, Pastry & Desserts, and Snacks. Pick a category from the list;

  3. Next, set a good looking featured image of your food. Click “Set featured image”. It is very important to only use appealing images to maximize the success of your food listings. (You can also add additional images by clicking “add product gallery images”);

  4. Set a price per portion sold. If you aren’t sure how to price your food then please keep in mind that Supshare focuses on affordable food. You can calculate the profit made per portion by using our pricing calculator;

  5. The “portions & availability” tab is used to set an amount of portions that you have, or will, prepare. This information is important so that buyers can’t buy more food than you have available. Setting the availability will enable or prevent buyers from placing an instant order. If your listing is set to available, then you are expected to be able to provide the food offered. Supshare resets the availability of your listing every night at 03:00 to minimize the risk of unavailable listings with an incorrect availability status;

  6. The last step is to add additional information at the “attributes” tab such as categories of diet, which buyers can use to filter their search with;

  7. Press the “ADD FOOD” button to submit your listing. Your listing will not be immediately visible on the map on the platform page, because it needs to be verified first. Although, you can view and share the listing with other people by visiting the “My Kitchen” settings (see next step).

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View and/or edit your public food listing in the “My Kitchen” section

The “my kitchen” section consists of 3 areas: 

  1. The “Recent Orders” area: this area shows the last 10 placed orders by buyers;

  2. The “Edit Food Listings” area: click the title of a listing to edit the information submitted during the “add food listings” step;

  3. The “View Food Listings”: clicking the listings will show you the public listing page which is visible to buyers.

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View your public food listing page

This is the public food listing page every visitor of the Supshare website will be able to see. Spend some extra time on the previous steps, so people will be more interested in what you’re sharing with them.

Now let’s break down this page:

  •  In the upper left corner, there are two buttons which enable you to share your food on Facebook and Pinterest;

    Supshare greatly encourages SupChefs to share their food in their social networks. You will be able to sell your food with much more potential buyers this way. It also helps generate interest in the Supshare platform, which will benefit all Supshare members in the end.

  • Underneath the price of the meal per portion, there’s a link to your public profile. Again, it is worth spending some time on your public profile too;

  • The “Contact the SupChef about this meal”-button: registered members of Supshare (buyers or other SupChefs) will be able to send you a message about this particular food listing.

  • The “add to cart”-button: this will add the set amount of portions of the meal to the buyer’s shopping cart and will start the ordering process. When your food listing is set to unavailable, the “add to cart”-button is disabled. In that case, buyers will only be able to request this meal which he or she will do by private messaging you (see the second image).

  • The various information tabs: these tabs show the information you provided during the “Add food listings” step.

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(A food listing which is set to unavailable. Every day all food listings are reset to unavailable)

Find your food  listing on the Supshare platform map

After Supshare has verified your food listing, it will be searchable on the platform map. This will generally happen in less than an hour. All your food listings will be added to the same address, but buyers will be able to view them separately.

Try searching for your own address!

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Receive an order on your food

There are two ways in which you can receive an order on your food:

  1. A request by a buyer. When your food listing is set to unavailable (please see the “add food listings” step), you’ll receive a private message which states the amount of portions, the pick up time and other additional information stated by the buyer after which you can set your food listing to available. You will also receive an email notification off the private message which the buyer sent.

  2. When your food listing is set to available, the buyer will be able to add the food to his or her shopping cart and continue to the checkout and pay. He or she will state the pick up time which you both discussed.

    If your food listing is set to available before you received a request, buyers can expect to pick up the food until it is set to unavailable. This makes it more convenient for buyers to order your food right away, but you must be able to provide the food too.

    You will now receive an email with the order details. Please see the third image.

That’s it, you sold your first meal!

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(Email notification of the private message from the buyer)
(Email notification of the order on your food)

Get Paid!

Supshare initially collects all money paid by buyers. At the end of every week, on Sunday afternoon, we will add up your orders of the week, and transfer you the money.

We will transfer the money to the IBAN bank account number as provided during the “Complete your kitchen/store settings” stepPlease double check this bank account number.

Any questions?

We put as much effort as possible in providing a smooth experience on the Supshare platform for both the SupChefs and the buyers.

If anything is unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us or send us feedback. We like to hear and learn from you.

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