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At Supshare we are passionate about real people, making real food. We are dedicated to strengthening local communities through a shared passion for home-made food.

Supshare is a platform on which you can discover your neighbour’s delicious cooking, and we cannot do this without you, the SupChef!

If you love cooking for yourself, why not make some extra portions to sell on Supshare? Earn some extra cash by doing what you love, and never lose money on dinner again!

So why not try it out?

Even if it’s just once, you only cook when it’s convenient to you. 

For a limited time,

We are now offering a free welcoming package to get you set up and make sure you have everything you need as a SupChef! This consists of the following:


A professional photoshoot (if you live in the Amsterdam region) to make your food look amazing, and ready to sell!


Your food, your profit! Verified SupChefs pay no commission on Supshare.


Free take-away containers to store your food in when offering it to your buyers. 

You will receive these during the photoshoot or you can pick them up. Whatever suits you best.


Receive an official ‘Verified’ Supshare badge on your profile picture, so your buyers know you’re the real deal.

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